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Ultrasonic Inspectors

Your hands and eyes in the field.

When your product (and name) need that little extra assurance...​

Laboright work on your behalf to ensure that the products you receive are the products and services that you, and your client expect.


We conduct weld inspections and non-destructive examinations using industry standard test and inspection methods. These include ultra-sonic, Liquid dye penetrant, Magnetic particle, coat & wrap, (Pipelines) and eddy current inspections. Other test and inspection activities may be available upon request, and subject to technicial availability.


All Laboright associate technicians are highly experienced and, depending on our zone of operations and standard requirements for that zone, will hold valid certifications with world recognised bodies including; ASNT, (NDT Level ll / III) CSWIP and NACE, etc.



        American Society for

  NonDestructive Testing® Inc.

Ultrasonic Inspectors and Welding Engineers

All associate technicians and Inspectors are certifified to one or more recognized US or International certifying authorities.