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Bright Ideas


Some creative ideas from the industries we've interacted with.

    Ideas come to us all at one time or another, some that provide us with    

                 a 'Lights On' moment; others that take a little longer.



In this area, we offer occasional ideas that come along as 'lights On' moments, often during times of interaction with clients, and especially when we're involved with products and processes for the first time.


This 'idea' may not be relevant to your operations, but come back and visit occasionally.... We'll publish other ideas regularly that may be relevant to your product line or processes.


Of course, we only publish ideas that we feel have value, and that have previously been presented to our client and discounted or rejected.


This idea is a favorite because its out of the box, simple, and while there would be some re-tooling work to be done, the cost savings overall would be significant.


While the application and principle could be applied to many other products, you folks in the industry will recognize the pictures instantly. Drop me an email if you guessed the product before reading the following idea...


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In the above photo you see a formed, painted base pan with four (4) holes pre-stamped ready to accept the small compressor motor in the center upset. Yes, this is part of a (HVAC) compressor unit that you see, (and hear... but that's another idea story..) outside ​almost every home in the United States.


This may be a typical case of over engineering.


Imagine if you will that the square mounting bracket supplied as part of the compressor unit was not square, but supplied with a triangular shape with three (3) bolt holes at each point, and that the rectangular upset in the base plate was changed to a triangular shape, also with three (matching) bolt holes.


Yes, instead of four bolts, you would only need three... Wow! ... We'd actually save a $0.12c bolt on each Cooling unit sold.. (My apologies, I'm being a little facetious)



The bottom line is that these anchor bolts cost a minimum of $0.12c each. 


With well over a million units sold each year, the (piece part) savings to the bottom line alone would be in the region of; 


$170,000.00. annually



This is a 'gift' that just keeps on giving..



How many cooling compressor units does YOUR company sell each year?     


... and do you know how to design it so that we only need one (1) bolt? Call or Email me for that idea...




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Disclaimer: Ideas presented in this section will not have been thoroughly researched, engineered or recently priced. Also, engineering calculations to determine stress and load levels will not have been assessed in detail.  Objective calculations and test etc. should be considered as part of your due diligence should this, (or any other idea) be considered for adoption. These ideas are provided to simply generate thought and imagination.