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Business support
Business support takes many forms. The primary areas of support offered by Laboright are associated with:





If you're seeking to develop or improve your manufacturing process, kickstart your operations from an apparent slowdown or business plateau, or wish to expand your business interests into new markets on foreign shores, we can help.



Having a firm grasp and conviction on your goal will be the driving force in your growth strategy. However, it's the tactics you adopt and apply that will determine the extent and robustness of your success over time.


Laboright can assist you in areas of manufacturing operations and business strategy.


Acquisitions, as part of a well-planned growth strategy, can certainly propel you from an organic level to a leadership position within the industry; however, downsides exist that may not provide the results you would expect or anticipate.  


Laboright is a collaborative agency having key business specialists and contacts in most industries across several continents. We understand that while you may not need more bricks and mortar, you may simply need in-depth information ranging from local and national business environments, local culture, available incentives, and the availability of necessary resources, etc. 


Growth is a managed process. Laboright and our associates can help in reducing risk.


And while it's driven and steered in much the same way as you would drive your automobile, it's the subtle differences in tactical strategy and planning that can put you ahead of the pack.


We work with you and for you to secure and implement the best growth strategy for your business.


Our process regardless of growth strategy follows a detailed but flexible process.


It includes strict observance of confidentiality. Once commissioned, we work for you.


As a brief overview, we initially get to know you. We learn your ideas, your goals and your vision for the future.


From our 'getting to know you' meeting, we'll develop a skeletal plan followed by increasingly detailed proposals focused on achieving the optimum growth strategy that our resources will allow.


At the point of ultimate execution, we'll assist you to secure all assets through formal negotiation, incidental purchase, legal formalities, and (initial) operational setup. 



Further specific, and detailed information upon request and exchange of legally binding confidentiality agreement