Operations support

Operations support takes many forms. The primary areas of Operations  support offered by Laboright are associated with:





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Laboright LLC offer clients highly skilled and certified Non-Destructive test and Inspection technicians to conduct examination of welded product.


This service is available nationwide.


Certified technicians will carry out ultra-sonic and other NDE test and inspections as may be required.


Supplier Audits and Certifications cover;


ASME - AWS - API - NACE - ISO - SIX SIGMA and customer specification requirements.

While you maintain control of overall quality, we, as part of your extended team offer to set up and manage your complete Welding Engineering program, saving you time, money and valuable resources.


As your backroom office, we will set up and manage your entire quality (WPS, PQR and WPTR) program for you, making sure you have appropriate welding procedures and operators qualified to those procedures in a timely manner.


Welding Engineering services including the development and qualification of Welding Procedures and Operator qualifications and record keeping on a retained contract basis. This keep's your operating costs down and Direct hire resources actively engaged on other activities.


Quality Welding documentation  and certifications that includes Welding Procedure development and qualification, (WPS & PQR). This package covers all aspects of Welding Procedure development and operator test and qualification.


We then manage the system on your behalf to ensure your welding engineering documentations are always current and readily available.


We have experience working with most codes including ASME, AWS and Military specifications.

Technical writing and Publication bring together craftsmen who craft words and phrase with images to put your professionalism out there for the world, and potential customers to see.


From technical specifications to operational manuals and marketing literature, Laboright can help by taking the headache of documentation preparation, maintenance  and checking, so freeing up your resources for other tasks.


Laboright can translate your documents and advertising media to and from English, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese and Spanish. (Please call for other languages)


So, if you're looking for technical documentation specialists, advertising media development and in house publication, call Laboright today for prompt and professional service. 


Professionally prepared and presented training workshops are specifically tailored to comply with your corporate goals and subject requirements.


Whatever the subject, let Laboright LLC work with you to develop key training programs designed to give your employees the edge either in the Sales and Marketing or manufacturing arena.


From cultural awareness training for sales executives to human interaction on the shop floor or corporate wellness programs, Laboright want to be your Training Resource Asset.


Laboright use executive trainers and professionals in their respective fields to develop and present all training subject, supported by professionally designed, published and presented media.


Call Laboright today and explore your staff training options.

Operations and Project management activities can take many forms.


Examples of projects that Laboright undertake are support assistance in plant and equipment installations, factory expansions, offsite activity management and subject expert support in areas of product failure analysis, or new product development, etc.


In addition we have experience with crisis and change management activities, providing direct support aimed towards mitigating existing crisis or in the development and implementation of support processes aimed at avoiding risks and subsequent crisis.


We have Six Sigma certified and manufacturing process experts available to run projects ranging from 5S to Quality Systems development and ISO Certification activities.


Whatever your short term Project management requirements are, call Laboright today for competitive quote and rapid response.

We act on your behalf to ensure your suppliers are meeting their obligations in providing you with the quality products you expect.


We work in support of your Purchasing operations to ensure that purchased products are contractually correct and clearly documented. As necessary, we review purchase orders prior to issue to ensure that engineering, quality and delivery requirements are clearly described and will be clearly understood by suppliers.


We work with your suppliers to formally audit their capacities, capabilities and quality programs, etc., in order to ensure that they are providing you with the right product, at the right price in the right time frame. We review their Quality Management system, (QMS) to ensure that you really are getting the very best deal at a competitive price.  


Laboright also partner with pre-qualified suppliers and resource to provide client companies additional resource and capacity in such areas as fabricated and machined parts, OEM suppliers and service providers.


At LABORIGHT we have the capacity to support all your procurement needs, working with local or international suppliers to ensure that you receive a quality product on schedule and within budget.


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