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Free up your Engineering and 

Professional Resources

Let Laboright engineering professionals organize, manage and maintain your Welding and Quality related Documents on your behalf.



As you will have invested a lot of time and money qualifying your procedures and certifying your welding operators, It makes sense to ensure that your WPS's provide you the greatest  essential variable coverage possible, while ensuring that your Welder qualifications  do not expire unexpectedly.



Working closely with your Quality management team, we will take over the responsibility of managing the documents, and presenting them back to you as and when required.

Document control is key in all environments that work within specific code standards such as ASME, AWS, API, ISO and on Military contracts.



Many hundreds of thousands of dollars, (depending on the size of your organization) are spent each year on managing documents.



This is often carried out by your engineering and professional resources which only serves to increase the cost even further due to poor employee utilization.



LABORIGHT offer various data management systems including the industry's leading welding data record system, WELDSPEC®, (TWI, Cambridge, England).



This  Professional  use  software  allows  for welding  records  data  management  within several international standards including API, ASME, AWS D1.1 and BS EN288.

You will have complete and full access to your welding records data at all times.



When you request copy of your WPS, PQR or Operators test certicate for presentation to your client or their auditor, you'll find that every document proudly and prominantly displays your corporate logo.


During the data entry phase,  each welding record being input into our system will be CHECKED FOR ACCURACY AND COVERAGE. In the event we find anomalies that might cause the document to be rejected during review or audit, we will work with you to correct the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible... Call Today for a FREE estimate.


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